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The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) began operating as the ACIC in July 2016 when the former Australian Crime Commission and Crim Trac were merged.

ACIC works with state and territory, national and international partners on investigations. They collect intelligence for the purpose of improving the national ability to respond to serious crime such as organised crime, cybercrime and national security threats.

Have you been summoned by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (“ACIC”)? Look no further than Tee Legal for all your legal requirements. The ACIC’s coercive powers facilitate the gathering of intelligence where traditional law enforcement methods are likely to be unsuccessful.

The ACIC legislation can only be described as draconian and erodes the fundamental rights and privileges normally available to those under criminal investigation.

Here at Tee Legal we are leading Australian defence lawyers with over 15 years’ experience and will assist you when ACIC comes calling.

One of the most significant powers of ACIC is their power to compel people to answer questions about suspected criminal activity. ACIC will usually issue a summons to attend ACIC.

If you are summoned by ACIC you must attend. When you attend ACIC you will be required to give evidence. If you do not answer the questions put to you or lie you will face heavy penalties including jail. You could face penalties of fines up $22000.00 and or five (5) years in prison.

There is no right to silence at ACIC which means you will require a team of trained legal minds to assist you.

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